Our Services

After Sales Service Support (Back-up Service)
We have manufacturer-trained / Certified engineers (trained at manufacturer facility) to carryout servicing, calibration and certification of the following equipment.
Portable Gas Detectors
Fixed Gas Monitoring Systems
Marine Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
Oxygen Analyzers
Moisture Analyzers
Wobbie Index Analysers
H2S Analysers
CO Analysers
CO2 Analysers
Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analysers
Water Dew Point Meters
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Sets
Fire Fighting Equipment

We provide complete service back-up to all the products sold by us. We also maintain adequate spares in stock and our service engineers are available round the clock/24 hours, 7days/week to attend to any emergency calls from our clients.

Inspection/Testing Facilities
We have an inspection and testing facility in Mussafah to carryout inspection, servicing, calibration and certification of equipment
All types of portable and fixed gas detection instruments
All types of self contained breathing apparatuses and Escape Breathing Apparatuses
All types of airline trolleys
All types of Air Loop and cascade systems
All types of portable and trolley type fire extinguishers
All types of pressure gauges
Safety Machine, General Term Instruments

Our Workshop Facility certified by Germanister Lloyds and is equipped with the equipment
Powder filtration and atomization machine for the filling and emptying of extinguishers
Machine for filling CO2 fire extinguishers and Cartridges
Machine for high pressure hydrostatic tests and to measure cylinders deformation
Quick fastening unit for powder and other fire extinguishers
Digital weighing scale
High and low pressure Air compressors
Hose binding machine for fire fighting hose binding
Liquid level indicator for Halon and CO2 cylinders testing
Dead weight tester for pressure gauges calibration
Smoke & heat detector testers
Calibration test kits for calibrating portable & fixed gas monitors
Set of specialty tools for carrying out all the above mentioned services